Fully customizable. Pure AfterEffects. No aditional plugins, no third party 3D software needed. It’s easy to add your own cover and disc surface design. Create your own animation or use one of 5 included premade animations. Move around, rotate, open/close the cover, make the disc spin or even come out of the box.

Project is full HD 1080p You can use as it is or resize to fit your needs.

Ideal for TV Ad, commercial, presentation, promotion. Use this project to show your CD with impressive and realistic animation. Get realistic visualization without third party 3D software or expensive plug-ins.

  • Presset1 – 9sek long. Average speed for most of the projects
  • Presset2 – 15sek long. Slow animations for calm and peaceful projects
  • Presset3 – 6sek long. Fast moving energetic animation for action type projects.
  • Presset4 – 8sek long. mid-fast or fast animations
  • Presset5 – 5sek loop of vertical standing opened cover turning 360 degrees with disc laying on the ground next to it. Animation lasts 1minute, but since it’s a seamless loop you can make it as long as you want.

You can also render out all animations and join them together making one long. It’s hard to make long and interesting animation preset that suits all products and all scenarios without knowing anything about the product this animation will promote. That’s why I made it without prerendered 3D objects. It’s pure after effects – so that anyone can adjust the animation or make one from scratch to fit your needs, scenarios, music etc.

This purchase can save you up to 2 working days that you would otherwise spend making this from scratch. It allows you not only to save a lot of time and money, but also to make professionally looking projects that might be above your current knowledge level.

- Sound track and sound FX are for video preview only. None of that is included with the project.

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