8000 Cubes Fall (Revealer)

Project description:

This is my first project with using Element 3D. So i`m very excited about it. It takes me a few days to find optimal technique so it works incredible fast and easy keep customizing.

First of all i want to say that this not fake 3d project, 8000 cubes fall with rigid body dynamic and forming your image! You can use it with video / logo / text or whatever you want. Render time (i7-3930K + Nvidia GTX 560 (1gb Ram) + 16Gb Ram) takes about ten minutes for the FULLHD image with DepthOfField! You can load your content, background textures, change colors, add reflections.

Element 3D brings outstanding speed and quality.

Project features:
  1. 1920×1080
  2. 0:10 length (you can retime cube falling)
  3. Can be used with LOGOS / FOOTAGES / IMAGES/video
  4. Element 3D v1.6 was used
  5. Interesting effects: depth of field, realistic dynamic fall of eight thousands qubes with your image/footage as texture
  6. Videotutorial is included (customizing, retiming, adding your content)

Used image: http://photodune.net/item/computer-service/463689
AUDIO: http://audiojungle.net/item/new-motivation/2067683
HD: http://youtu.be/DPFOsVX6uFw

Textures in preview are from http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com

Still (clickable)

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