Black and White Media Pack

Warning: Requires After Effects CS3 and later to open. Anything below that and this project file will NOT open for you. Also, music is NOT included but can be downloaded from Soundroll at Audiojungle. His music kicks butt, great cinematic scores so get it today! Music Available Here – Dramatic Intro

Black and White Media Pack


- Customisable elements included

- “3d” Text

- Unlimited duplicates for the elements

- HTML guide included with pretty pictures

- Synced with Soundrolls music track. Just edit, render and pop on the music.

- Easy to use for newbies and advanced users alike!

- Perfect for corporate or movie trailers.

- No Plugins required. If you have CS3 and above, you can use this no problems.

It’s not Michael Jackson, but it rocks!

(Please use my videohive profile to email me. The current email indicated in the Readme files is down due to ISP)

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