Blueprint project, building a house

From blueprint plan to a house. One minute animation of house been built and dismantled in the end to reveal you logo and text. Dynamic camera movement flies around the house and over, you can add you camera. The project is 3d and does no use pre-rendered files, the house is built using layers and it is fully customizable plus I included second project which is only the house and has no animation so you use as you like. Every text is editable.

The project includes.

Main project.

Second project unanimated 3d house.

Audio FX.

1 logo to add

5 main text to edit.

5 secondary text on blueprint plan to edite.

Easily customizable background color.

video help.

Comments on all layers about key frames and animation.

Full HD 1280×720. 29.97 fps.

No third party plug-ins.

After Effects CS4 / CS5 project.

- DOES NOT Includes music,

you can get awesome music here

do no forget to rate if you like. Thank you.

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