Clean Style American Football Graphics Package

This clean style American Football graphic package is loaded with easily customizable graphics for team vs team display. It has global customization controls, so with the click of a few buttons you can change team names, logos and colors or the overall color scheme of the graphic package interface. The project is well organized with many comps ready to render within a few minutes and includes 9 video tutorials to show you how to work with the project.

Statistic graphics are laid out so you can duplicate them as many times as you need for multiple renders, virtually creating an unlimited number of displays. All stat graphics animate on and off screen with flexible layouts for varied number of statistics.

Statistic Layouts Include:

  • 5 Line Team Comparison Stats
  • 6 Line Team Comparison Stats
  • 7 Line Team Comparison Stats
  • 8 Line Team Comparison Stats
  • 9 Line Team Comparison Stats
  • 10 Line Team Comparison Stats
  • 5 Line Player Comparison Stats
  • 6 Line Player Comparison Stats
  • 7 Line Player Comparison Stats
  • 8 Line Player Comparison Stats
  • 9 Line Player Comparison Stats
  • 10 Line Player Comparison Stats
  • 3 Line Lower Third Style Comparison Stats
  • 4 Line Lower Third Style Comparison Stats
  • 5 Line Lower Third Style Comparison Stats

Tons of other features

  • 30 Placeholders for Single Player Profile Stats (15 each team)
  • 30 Lower Third Scoreboard Placeholders
  • 30 Full Screen Scoreboard Placeholders
  • 30 Lower Third Title Placeholders
  • Multiple transition sequences
  • Sponsorship placeholders

Video Tutorials Included

  • Project File Overview / Walkthrough
  • Global Custom Controls
  • Working with Statistics
  • Working with Scoreboards
  • Working with Player Profiles
  • Working with Transitions
  • Working with Sponsorships + Logos
  • Working with Lower Thirds
  • Render Settings

No 3rd party plugins required! Full 1920×1080 HD Display

The font used in this file can be downloaded for free at

Audio from preview is not included in main download but can be purchased here:

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