Connection Video Motion HD

CONNECTION Video Motion HD Project

This is a VIDEO and LOGO Presentation.

It is designed for Business presentation, CONNECTION, PRODUCT IDent, MEDIA, INFORMATION and other types of presentations The aim is to present something strong and powerfule, that display in the same time visual information and text ones.

It is 22 sec long 29.97 fps with 1280×720 pixels

Note : Quality is super and very clean but the preview has dropped some of quality during *flv compression.

Any Video / Background / Text or Color in the screen (even Preredered Assets) are changeable and customizable so you can give so many looks and atmospheres to your presentation.

  • 9 Video Place Holder
  • 11 Texts Animated
  • Change any Color and PRERENDERED Asset in Project
  • 11 minutes HELP_VIDEO included in Main File

Unique and Professional project

You can find audio here :

Has unified Animation and is a very organized project. In addition is a HELP_VIDEO included, very detailed covering all changes you will make.

For any questions please feel free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy and rate if you like !

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