Welcome to Document Designer.
Are you tired of creating document animations or you just don’t have time? Then don’t worry, Document Designer is powerful AE template comes with tons of features for creating cool looking document animations.

  • It’s so easy to use and you don’t need to set any keyframes as all of the animations are controlled with markers.
  • So what’s inside this template, 16 customizable elements, 9 creative document animations and 8 backgrounds.
  • 4 detailed video tutorial are also included.
  • If you don’t have your own document then that’s okay because we’ve included our very own page creator.
  • No plugins required.
  • Fully Controlled Camera Rig System Included
  • Leaked Papers, Redact Papers, Twitter News, Digital Papers and Documents, Photostat Effects, Vintage Letter and Papers

  • Used Music in Preview “Solemn Epic Cinematic by LuLu_Production”

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