eCommerce Keyboard Logo Reveal

Rich, Long pan Full HD close up shot with an Adjustable Bokeh of a Laptop keyboard.
Mixed animation of Pre-rendered CG QWERTY Keyboard with Plenty of 2.5D Placeholders (one for each Key!) in After Effects.
It works with all languages/fonts and all expressions are universalized.

The flares in the shot are Pre-rendered, and turning them off is easy.
It’s up to the user to change any of the keys to suit his needs, additionally, experienced AE Users will find it easy to re-color and/or highlight any button they’d like.

Depth of Field is linked between the Pre-rendered CG and the Additional keys and letters. You can fine-tune the depth of field to your taste by only adjusting 1 parameter.

Additional information

Sound track is by Leto – Epic Logo intro
Font used is Varela

This logo intro is perfect for eCommerce, SEO,Typing, Transcription,Content,Writing,Media, and various other companies who need to illustrate a simplified one-click approach through their website, a shopping cart function, a new customer support service, and much more.

Separate Passes (Depth,AO,Reflection,Shadow,Specular included


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