Flat Corporate Video Pack

Flat Corporate Video Pack

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This project contains:

  • 19 Flat design scenes, place them in any order to build your own customized film!
  • Total duration: 4.12 minutes!
  • 38 Footage placeholders (video/graphics/photo’s/avatars etc.)
  • 3 Expression driven infographic charts, extremely easy to adjust settings!
  • 5 Unique text presets
  • 1 Clean logo animation
  • 1 Lower third
  • 2 Slideshows with 4 placeholder footage/slides + avatars each
  • 1 Portfolio ‘reel’ with 4 footage placeholders and 1 avatar placeholder
  • 1 Timeline with 5 markers and 5 placeholders
  • 4 People AKA employees comps (4/3/2/1 persons), each with adjustable textlayers and avatars. Really easy to put together! Example: need 7 ‘persons’? Just combine the ‘4’ and ‘3’ persons comp
  • 4 Adjustable/replaceable social media icons
  • A lot of comps have placeholder slides that can be easily added to the animation using True Comp Duplicator combined with a healthy dose of AE knowledge
+ Easy color adjustment
+ Advanced expression driven infographic control: turn layers on or off and change input to your liking with a couple of clicks
+ Little sparkling animated shapes to spice things up a bit. Like ‘m? Get all 30 of ‘m here:

Project setup:

  • 1920×1080 Full HD 25fps project
  • AE CS6 source project
  • CS5 and CS5.5 compatible
  • Duration of all elements combined (every scene used once): 4.12 minutes!
  • No plugins required, except the CC plugins which come with the full version of AE
  • Used font: Roboto (it’s free!)
  • Documentation includes a PDF with basic explanation on how to use this project and a short video explaining how to use the charts
  • Music:

    All photographs & videos produced by Crystal Park New Media

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