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Discover the fast and simple way to bring your motion design projects to life with MoPack. Our rich library, consisting of over 2900 elements, offers unique and customizable animations for any project. With 60 Motion Design tools to help you stay organized, increase your productivity, and boost your creativity, MoPack is the perfect solution for any motion designer.

With a focus on passion, attention to detail, and quality, MoPack offers a unique experience that is unmatched on the market. From the back end to its user-friendly UI, MoPack has been designed and developed with care to ensure that you have everything you need to bring your vision to life.

No more settling for generic animations with MoPack. Our library is not filled with variations of the same design instead, every element is unique and can be easily customized to your needs with just a few clicks.

Plus, MoPack is like a constantly expanding universe. If you can’t find the perfect template, simply send your feedback and get it in the next free update. With each update, you’ll get even more stunning visuals to choose from.

Invest in MoPack with confidence, knowing that your money is guaranteed to bring you the best motion design tool on the market. Try MoPack today and experience the difference.


  • 2900+ ready for use motion graphics elements
  • 850 High-Quality Sound FX
  • 60 motion design & animation tools
  • Compatible with After Effects 2020+​
  • Compatible with Mac & Windows
  • Free MoPack Extension
  • Easier than ever with smart interface
  • Supported any resolution up to 4K
  • No plugins required
  • Link for free font included
  • Works for all languages
  • Fast render
  • Color control
  • Amazing customization
  • Just one click to add
  • Real-time previews for all items
  • No additional pack installation required
  • Commercial & broadcast use
  • Perfect for all video projects & Social Media Ads
  • Well organized structure
  • Free future updates
  • Links to tutorial videos are included


  • Reviewed by Noble Kreative (English)
  • Reviewed by Dope Motions (English)
  • Reviewed by Tasarımcı Dayı (Türkçe)
  • Reviewed by Jherem (Português)
  • Reviewed by Naci Öztürkler (Türkçe)
  • Reviewed by Angr (Bahasa Indonesia)


What are the hardware requirements?
We’ve tested MoPack on a wide variety of computers. Extension developed by the best panel developer in the industry and we’re proud to say that it’s the fastest extension in the marketplace. All library is optimized for the best performance. To make a long story short, if you have After Effects 2020+ installed that will be enough.

Can I use MoPack on multiple devices?
Yes. MoPack has its own unique extension which allows you to add ready-to-use elements to your scene with just one click. Sign-in is limited with 2 different computers and it must be used only by you. (Let’s say your work and home computer)

What does a lifetime license mean?
It means your license has no expiry date. You can use it for as long as you wish and there are no other fees associated with future updates.

How many elements can I use?
As many as you want. There is no limit. So feel free to use and re-use MoPack’s library as often as you wish.

I don’t have any experience with Adobe’s Software. Can I still use it?
Absolutely. You will get access to our video courses which will guide you step by step even if you are a beginner. And if anything, we are always around and happy to help.

How can I get in touch with customer support?
Our dedicated team is available 7/24. You can send a message from our viodehive’s profile page or drop us a line at support.

Do I need to activate a license?
Yes. All you need your email and purchase code to sign-in. You don’t need to fill long forms to create a new account.

What’s the difference between Regular and Extended License?
MoPack itself is exactly the same regardless of the license you purchase. The only difference is the intended use of the product. For example, let’s say you give service to your customers by using the library in this pack, then you will need an Extended license. Regular is fine most of the cases, but feel free to contact us if you want to ask about your specific situation and which you might need.

How about the updates?
MoPack is like a constantly expanding universe. Couldn’t find your perfect template? Just send your feedback and get it in the next regular update. The updates are all free and you’ll get many more stunning visuals with each one.


  • MoPack Libraries & Extension for After Effects
  • User Guide
  • Links to tutorial videos


  • After Effects 2020+
  • Zxp installer (Link included in User Guide)
  • Free Fonts (Link included in User Guide)


  • Installation for After Effects
  • User Interface
  • How to Install Fonts
  • How to Replace Images


All photos used in previews sourced from Unsplash
All videos used in previews sourced from Pexels


Please write to us about any problem you have with our products or your feature request. | Contact Us


Version 2.1

• Added 850 new high-quality sound effects.
• Optimized all items, reducing pack size by half

Version 2.0

• Added 581 Social Media Logos
• Added 261 Animated Icons
• Added 136 Titles Animations
• New License Activate Window
• Updated 10 Motion Design Tools
• Library now supports audio items
• Extension UI/UX improcements
• All items have been optimized

Version 1.5

• Everyting in the library has been optimized for a better performance
• There are many more new options for easy customization
• The Animation speed can be adjusted in real-time
• You can change social media icons easly
• We added support for the Media Replacement feature
• A new settings menu for After Effects
• Extension UI/UX improcements
• Two brand new animation tools
• Sign out option added
• Added Apple M1 chip support for macOS

Version 1.1

• Update notification has been activated

Version 1.0

• Initial release!

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