Pro Stripes - Broadcast Ident Pack

About this template

A complete broadcast package

This is a huge ident pack for tv. With the 20 differents elements included, you’ll find everything you need. Very clean and professional, “pro stripes” will give a beautiful and dynamic touch for your identity with a minimalist & luminous design. Simple and flexible to customize, just drag and drop the differents main compositions above your footage. You can also change color shema with a custom preset who control all compositions in the same time.

20 Elements included :

  • 1 x Trailer (45 sec / 8 placeholders)
  • 1 x Small box for coming next or other (Single content)
  • 1 x Small box for coming next or other (Double content)
  • 1 x Small box for coming next or other (Triple content)
  • 1 x Small box with video vignette (Single content)
  • 1 x Coming next or single promo (full frame)
  • 1 x Logo reveal (full frame)
  • 1 x Logo reveal with bumper transition (full frame)
  • 1 x Logo reveal (small corner)
  • 1 x Four scheduled programs (full frame)
  • 1 x Lower third (1 Line version)
  • 1 x Lower third (2 Lines version)
  • 1 x Replay or catchup promo (full frame)
  • 3 x Transitions (2,3 and 4 sec versions)
  • 1 x End credits titles (fully editable)
  • 1 x Information screen (full frame)
  • 1 x Background loop (10 sec)
  • 1 x Split screen (2 windows)

Font used is Bebas (download link is included). Video tutorial included.
If you have any question before buy or any problem, don’t hesitate to contact me please.


Sound track : Crazy Breakbeat Soundtrack

Videos : - Frame of mind - Fashion Film - Galileo - James Delay – Howl - Kriss Kyle BSD unit 23 web edit - Breakdown VFX – Exploration - Project London : Multiple Teaser - Moleskine Silk Screen Printing - Moleskine Silk Screen Printing - Big Buck Bunny


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