• CS5 and higher
  • Full HD / 25fps
  • Plug-ins not required
  • No hidden scripts
  • 38 images with alpha channel and shadows
  • Video tutorial / 5min / Full HD

About project and what can you find inside zip file:

This project is made to work with images but there’s place inside, where you can put your video. For example, you can place video in recipes composition as background or behind clock etc… I haven’t try puting video in Main Intro, but you can play with it and see how does it look. Main Intro contain mostly high quality images. Inside zip file you’ll find 38 free images at your disposal. Most of them are png’s and just few are jpg’s. If you want to add your own pictures, feel free to do so, but keep in mind, low quality images which can be found for free on internet, it wont do you good. Either pay few extra coins for some quality images (they are very cheap these days) or just use given one’s. Some images can be find here

From given images, you can make some new one’s by combining them.

By making this project i had idea, that everything can be changed. I’ve made 5min Full HD tutorial with some ideas how to achieve different look each time. For example “timing clock” can be animated to last 5sec with just 2 clicks and of course timing could vary from 0 to 60min. Recipes background, as said above, add your video at the background or use few images to make new look, etc… You can also add your own logo just anywhere or use given one ( change text, colors etc)...More info in tutorial.

Audio is not included, but can be found here

Thank you for reading this wall of text and i’m sure once you open this template, you’ll find it very easy to use and different each time you add new picture/video or by changing colors Please check food menu at Graphicriver

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