Sci-Fi TrailerV3 "3D TEXT"

Sci-Fi TrailerV3”3DText”

Sci-Fi TrailerV3”3DText” is dynamic trailer style Animation made in After Effects CS3 in FULL HD(1920×1080) This Project has pre-rendered Trapcode Form and Red Giant Knoll Light factory layers. So,you don’t need these plug ins. However I have included another project like a separate file that uses the Trapcode Form and Red Giant Knoll Light factory layers just in case you have these plug ins and want to change something.

The 3D texts Z depth will take automatically all colors and movements from your Images or Videos.

For example:your Placeholder 1 text depth will get automatically the colors and the color movements from your Placeholder 1 Image or Video Note:The 3D depth of the following texts “First Text”,”Second Text”,”Sci-Fi TrailerV3”3DText” and “Only on Videohive” will take the Colors and the Color Movements from your Placeholder 1 Image or Video,same thing for your Final Logo 3D depth,so,for best results be sure your Placeholder 1 image or Video to be with more bright dynamic colors. The Glass Shatter Pieces also will take automatically your Image Or Video for texture.

Compositions very easily customized , insert text, change fonts. 5 Placeholders for media, photos and videos. Text Instructions. Helpful Full screen 10 minutes Video Tutorial.

56 seconds long. The font is free(included link). Footage is not included. The Audio is also not included in the project files but if you want it, send me a message i will show you how to get it. for any questions and support for this project please contact me through my VideoHive profile.

I Hope You like it. See HD Preview Here.

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