Soccer Fantasy League is an exciting new soccer/football television broadcast After Effects template. It works with any club logo and in any language. This pack includes live score timers, info tickers and bugs, bumper and lower 3rds & everything you need for an amazing soccer video project. The statistics graphics can be used over real footage.

Template Features:

  • Customise your teams and logos
  • Customise your players with their own photo player cards
  • Customise all text elements including titles, player info and logos
  • Customise team colors and background colors
  • Choose between 3 classic soccer ball designs
  • Very easy to edit, just replace text and logos
  • Export a video for your own soccer club or fantasy football league!

This template is 100% designed and animated in After Effects using built in plugins and effects. This means that you can change the length of any scene, move cameras around, and introduce new elements wherever you want (provided you know how to do this). The soccer ball is designed with CC Sphere and includes spherical maps of the ball textures made from shape layers.

Includes pre-made scenes:

  • Use graphics over animated backgrounds or real footage
  • Modular scenes can be moved around and you can change the timing
  • Includes team lineups, rosters and featured players graphics
  • Includes 6 live ticker score, info and statistics graphics
  • Includes 12 replaceable soccer formation graphics
  • Includes 16 replaceable soccer field animated backgrounds
  • Includes 6 replaceable transitions with soccer ball

Choose between the classic Telstar ball, the Unico ball or the Jabulani ball used in the FIFA World Cup finals from 1970 to 2010 with the click of a button.

Import your custom club designs to use in the video, or choose between a shield or circular pre-made club design.

Use the included motion graphic soccer field backgrounds or place the soccer broadcast graphics on real footage from your own camera from your soccer matches.

Select any player to be featured for each team, showcasing their amazing statistics and successes on the field. Customise all text fields, stats and the timing of the graphics.

Organize your team rosters and lineups with whoever is playing during the game. Bring in your player replacements with ease to create a winning lineup.

Select and organise any of the included 12 soccer formations with the right players, or move the cards around to create your custom formation.

Edit, replace, and change the text content & timing for all live info graphics including score tickers, sponsor boards and lower 3rds.

Technical specifications:

  • FULL HD Resolution 1920×1080
  • 29.97 Frames per second (can be changed)
  • Adobe After Effects CS4 Project File (compatible with CS5, CS6 & CC 2015)
  • 100% After Effects, no extra plugins needed and does not use pre-renders
  • User guide is included explaining how to customise everything, very easy to edit

Music & Sound Effects: There are audio placeholders in the project that will align the video and audio automatically for you – just drag and drop the audio files from these links into the audio placeholders in the project file. The music and sound effects are not included and are available for download here:

  • “Soccer” by Leon_Felekyan: download here
  • Football Whistle: download here
  • Football Kick: download here
  • Crowd Cheering: download here

All item contents copyright © 2016 Andre Navarre

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