Hi, dear colleagues!

This AE template was made by standard tools only – no third party plugins, no prerendered stuff. You have full freedom to change everything you want.

This project includes:

  1. Two color versions – “SUNRISE” & “SUNSET”;
  2. The ripples water surface effect – you can change the water reflection;
  3. The Lens Flare effect is made by standard AE tools. As you can see – The Len Flare interact with titles, i.e. light flashes depend on the title shape;
  4. Volumetric light around titles and LOGO;
  5. 3D titles and 3D LOGO reveal

You can use images instead of text titles.

The SOUND is NOT included.

This is an After Effects project file, for After Effects CS4. Width – 1280 px, height – 720, frame rate – 29.97 fps. (HDV/HDTV 720 29.97)

IMPORTANT : CYCORE FX plugins (which you have already on your After Effect installation disc) must be installed, if it is not done yet.

I hope the project will be useful for you.

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