The Haunting Title Collection


What’s Included?

Six title styles giving you a well rounded kit to create titles for trailers, documentaries, and TV series. Each title is 10 seconds long and can be shortened if desired. I believe my job should be making your job as easy and simple as possible. That’s why I made this project headache free and ridiculously straight forward. No jumping around from comp to comp – each title has only one comp with 4-6 visible layers. You’ll have these titles customized and ready for export in less than a half hour.

You’re gonna absolutely love these titles.

What are the Specs?

  • Six high end title styles
  • Customize title content, color, size, position, and tracking
  • Change background paper color and brightness
  • Each title is 10 seconds long (can be shortened)
  • 1080p 23.976 fps
  • 7 minute video tutorial included
  • Independent customization for each title (Title 1 can have different colors than Title 2)
  • No plugins required

Why Buy This?

Because you deserve titles that don’t look like royalty free garbage! You need titles that will give you the best result with as little headache as possible. I spend a tremendous amount of time to make sure my projects work as intuitively as possible. This title collection is the perfect match for your videos, and will create a mysterious, intriguing vibe that will draw your viewers in.


The font used in this project is free and download info is available in the project file.

The song used in the preview is not included, but can be picked up here and I strongly advise that you do so, because it’s an awesome track!

The sound bits featured in the preview are not included, but are CC and can be downloaded here:

Old Vinyl Record Analogue Glitches Radio Edit

Want the audio mix? Contact me!

The sound effect edit uses CC audio clips and is licensed for remixing and redistribution. If you want the audio effects edit shown in the preview, contact me privately and I can send you the edited audio clips. All you have to do is drag and drop (1 audio file per title) into the appropriate comps and you’ll have the identical sound mix (minus the music of course) as seen in the preview.

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